Calling all parents and guardians of kids with epilepsy! We are thrilled to invite you and your child to join our dynamic and inclusive support group dedicated to providing new and exciting activities tailored to children living with epilepsy.

At Young Warriors, we understand the unique challenges that come with epilepsy, and we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to explore, learn, and have fun in a safe and supportive environment. Our aim is to empower children with epilepsy and create a sense of belonging, while fostering friendships and boosting self-confidence.

Why choose Young Warriors?

New and Exciting Activities: Each month, we organize thrilling outings, interactive workshops, and hands-on experiences, tailored to the interests and abilities of children with epilepsy. From exhilarating outdoor adventures to engaging arts and crafts sessions, we ensure there’s something for every child to enjoy.

Safe and Supportive Environment: We prioritize safety and provide a supportive atmosphere where children can express themselves freely while being surrounded by understanding peers and caring mentors.

Building Lasting Friendships: We believe in the power of connection. Our support group offers a chance for children with epilepsy to meet others who share similar experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding.

Empowering Kids with Epilepsy: By participating in our adventures, they develop resilience, build self-esteem, and gain the confidence to face challenges head-on. We strive to empower each child to reach their full potential.

Idaho Epilepsy Summer Camp

Join us on this incredible journey and let your child’s spirit soar. Together, we can create unforgettable memories and provide a platform for your child to thrive!


Cost: FREE


To learn more and register, please contact our Executive Director, Heidi at

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