Our annual gala serves as a significant milestone in our mission to promote awareness, dispel myths, and provide support to individuals affected by epilepsy. It is a day when we come together to initiate conversations that matter and to ensure that those with seizures know they are not alone. Moreover, it symbolizes the progress we have made in educating our community, increasing awareness, and fostering open communication. It’s a day for reflection on the remarkable journey that those living with epilepsy have undertaken.

Silent & Live Auction

From exclusive getaways to unique memorabilia, our auctions offer something for everyone. Your participation supports our mission and makes a real difference for the members in our community. Don’t miss this chance to give back while enjoying an unforgettable evening!

Live Entertainment

Experience captivating live entertainment at our annual gala! From talented musicians to mesmerizing performers, our carefully curated acts promise an unforgettable evening of celebration and generosity.

  • 2022 – Elijah Rock Musician
  • 2023 – Boise Circus Guild