Epilepsy Foundation of America created.


First comprehensive epilepsy centers open in the United States. National economic cost of epilepsy tops 3 billion.


Foundation merges with National Epilepsy League, creates single national voice for epilepsy.


Tony Coelho becomes the first person with epilepsy to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.


Missouri repeals ban against performing marriage of someone with epilepsy.


Foundation’s Idaho affiliate wages successful court fight on behalf of woman who lost a child custody battle because of epilepsy.


The Epilepsy Foundation’s National Epilepsy Library is founded.


Epilepsy featured on five major TV shows. Foundation protests mandatory substitution of generic anti-epilepsy drugs.


Foundation promotes and celebrates passage of Americans with Disabilities Act.


Approval of first two new drugs for the treatment of epilepsy in 15 years.


Center for Disease Control establishes section on epilepsy.


First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton calls for greater attention to epilepsy, announces Epilepsy Foundation’s Report to the Nation.


First ever conference on Epilepsy at National Institutes of Health.


Celebrity group ‘NSYNC records messages for Epilepsy Month, targeted to teens.


International pregnancy registries data begin to provide very promising and clear guidance to women and their physicians about the differential birth-defect risks associated with specific antiepileptic drugs.


The Epilepsy Foundation joins a historic coalition of business and disabilities organizations to pass the 2008 Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act. The Act passes the House in July and is now under consideration by the full Senate in August.


The annual epilepsy-related expenses in the U.S. reach 9.6 billion dollars. Source: Epilepsia



Idaho Epilepsy League becomes an Affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA).

Rick Simon becomes the first Idaho Epilepsy League Board President. In photo with son Joel and wife Sue.


Judge Mike Wetherell, who has epilepsy, argued successfully to the Supreme Court, on behalf of the Idaho Epilepsy League, in a landmark case establishing that a mother’s epilepsy could not form the basis for a denial of children’s custody.


Baseball Hall of Fame’s Harmon Killebrew, pictured with his wife Elaine, was the first honoree for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.


In its ninth year, “Superfloat ‘86” was awarded by the EFA for its creative approach to special events fundraising, and was also featured in Sunset Magazine.


Rosemary Weiss, age 7, is brought from Peru to St. Luke’s (where she was born), with funds raised by the Idaho Epilepsy League.


Boise jazz pianist and Grammy Award-nominated Gene Harris and his wife Janie are honored by the Epilepsy League of Idaho as distinguished citizens.

Gregory W. Gile Memorial Scholarship Program established in memory of a courageous young man who lost his struggle with epilepsy in August 1987.


Epilepsy League of Idaho receives “an unprecedented grant of state tax money to a private health organization” in the amount of $67,500 from the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.


Alicia Gellings chosen as the Epilepsy Foundation of America’s “Winning Kid”, the first winner to have multiple disabilities.


Kathryn “Kt” Cunningham receives the Gregory W. Gile Memorial Scholarship. Kt was the first Idahoan to allow her epilepsy surgery to be filmed and televised.


Idaho Epilepsy League becomes Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho; adopts symbolic flame logo. EFI joins the World Wide Web thanks to Micron Internet Services. EFI was selected by EFA to receive the Excellence in Fundraising award. Also, Loralee Anderson was selected to receive the EFA’s Affiliate Staff Member of the Year award, and is pictured here with Jamie Lynn Bauer, “Dr. Laura Horton” on the show “Days of Our Lives”.


Justine Streeby is named EFI’s “Winning Kid”, a fourth grader who experienced great success with seizure elimination on the Ketogenic diet.


Dr. Robert Wechsler and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center open the first Level 3 Comprehensive Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in the state of Idaho.


Sam Gottsch, the year’s “Winning Kid” for EFI, had his bike helmet signed by Olympic Gold Medalist Kristen Armstrong at the completion of his 11-mile ride in the annual Sharon’s Ride-Run-Walk.


Speak Up, Speak Out! Jane Janzer was chosen from EFA to speak with legislatures about the need for funding for epilepsy research.


Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho celebrates 40 years of service, advocacy, education and support.


Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho welcomes Heidi McAdams as the Executive Director.


Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho started a statewide program, “Young Warriors”. This is a support group dedicated to providing new and exciting activities tailored to children ages 5 to 14 that are living with epilepsy in Idaho.


The Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho is celebrating 50 years of service, advocacy, education, and support. In the last decade, they have successfully fundraised over $400,000 to further epilepsy research and provide reliable resources to their community.


Initiated a local Adult Support Group for individuals living in the Treasure Valley. The main goal of this group is to offer individuals the opportunity to cultivate new lifestyle ideas while also providing resources and facilitating idea-sharing among members.


The Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho awarded the 16th recipient of the Morgan McGee Scholarship fund. Learn more